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Whats going on in the home and in the community this month

Good care month

The good care campaign is about celebrating the great work care staff do each and everyday and sharing it.

Care workers have been on the frontline during the covid 19 crisis fighting a daily battle but not wavering or giving up on the vulnerable people they support despite the pressure and sometimes undesirable conditions. Some lost people they supported but they continued with great courage to take great care of the elderly, disabled and cognitively impaired individuals in their charge.

Well done to all our staff members.


Picture taken: West end pier from the gardens Morecambe

Lets go to the Beach Beach 

Life and leisure have organized for les & Dave to go to Morecambe on the train on Friday 1st July to go back to their favorite holiday destination from when they were young.

A day of fish and chips, bingo, bandits, a walk along the promenade and reminiscing is on the cards.

World chocolate day

Established in 2009, World Chocolate Day marks the supposed anniversary of the day that this iconic dessert made its first entrance into Europe in 1550. All around the world on this date, candy stores, and local suppliers place their best-loved merchandise on sale so that everyone, both young and old, can enjoy a nibble of the stuff.


National hotdog day

Celebrating this day is straightforward – just make your hot dog your way and enjoy it however you’d like! Enjoy a hot dog for your tea if that’s what you like on July 21st