Dining & Nutrition

Dining & Nutrition

We understand the importance of nutritious and enjoyable food for the health and wellbeing of our residents. Discover our varied menu that is suitable for a variety of tastes and dietary needs. 

At Applegarth, we know that choice and variety are important in order to maintain a healthy and balanced diet. We work with skilled chefs and dieticians to create a large range of food options that caters for every taste and meal preference. We continually add and improve to our menu so that every meal looks appetising, tastes great and is nutritionally balanced.  

We offer a variety of menus to cater to the needs and requirements of all our residents at Applegarth. These include special dietary requirements, texture-modified foods, ethnic and cultural meals and smaller portion foods. This is so that every person can enjoy tasty and nutritious foods, regardless of their dietary requirements. 

All our food has been sourced from ingredients that we can be proud of in terms of animal welfare, food safety and farm assurance. Additionally, as much as possible, we try to use local and sustainably sourced ingredients to support British food and farming.  

The meals from our main menu are freshly prepared using the freshest ingredients to ensure that every meal tastes good. We have a large range, which features a huge selection of delicious soups, mains, sides and desserts. There’s something for everyone, including homely favourites such as roast chicken and cottage pie to delicious fish dishes and curries. We continuously update our menu to ensure that our residents can enjoy something new every day.

Whether it’s for health reasons or a matter of preference, we cater for residents who have special dietary requirements. This includes energy dense meals for underweight/malnourished individuals, low sugars and low fat meals, vegan and vegetarian options, and meals appropriate for those with food intolerances. Additionally, we provide meals that have reduced levels of unnecessary salt, sugar and additives to improve diet. Our chefs and dieticians have years of experience producing meals that cater to these requirements without sacrificing taste. 

We cater for individuals who are suffering from dysphagia (swallowing difficulties) so they can enjoy tasty meals with dignity. All our meals are blended to a consistent texture which meets the BDA and National Descriptor Guidelines for dysphagia diets. This reduces the threat of choking, malnutrition and aspiration pneumonia. Our food varies from IDSSI levels 3-7 so we can provide food that is easy to chew, smaller bits, minced, pureed or liquidized, to suit every residents needs. 

We provide a diverse range of food inspired by a number of locations and cultures across the globe, including authentic Asian and traditional African-Caribbean food. We have worked hard to ensure that these meals are culturally identifiable and delicious. 

We provide a range of small, energy dense meal portions for our residents who may be experiencing malnutrition and are unable to eat large portion sizes. These smaller meals ensure that they can receive the energy and nutrition they need to maintain a healthy and balanced lifestyle. 

We ensure that we provide meals that are free from ingredients you cannot have due to allergies or food intolerance.  If you let us know the food you are unable to eat, we will make sure every meal we serve you will be free from risk. 

We have a range of ‘finger foods’ to combat the stress of mealtimes for residents who have experienced a stoke, have difficulty with coordination or are living with dementia. These manageable meals allow residents to enjoy their mealtimes with less frustration and more freedom.