Activities in the Sun at Applegarth

Our residents at Applegarth have been busy soaking up the sunshine and enjoying lots of time outdoors. The home is surrounded by some beautiful countryside so we enjoy taking frequent trips to take in the scenery and do some fun activities. 

Last week we made the most of the good weather with a trip to the Lake District. We drove along some scenic routes and ended our day with some delicious scampi and chips. 

Our residents have been busy in the garden this week. They have been planting some new vegetables and we’re looking forward to watching everything grow over the next few months. 

The staff at Complex Care have received a beautiful bouquet of flowers that are currently brightening up the entrance at Applegarth. It’s always nice for our staff to be appreciated for their hard-work over these few months and we are extremely grateful for the gift. 

18 thoughts on “Activities in the Sun at Applegarth

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