Dementia & General Nursing Care

Dementia & General Nursing Care

We have a skilled and well trained nursing team to care and support a wide range of care needs. 

Applegarth has an empathetic, skilled and well trained nursing team to provide our residents with the care and support they require. This includes care for individuals living with Dementia, palliative care and other general nursing care needs.   

Dementia Care

Applegarth provides high quality Dementia care in a comfortable and friendly environment. 

We know that Dementia and memory loss affects each of our residents in different ways so our staff are well trained to provide care that is tailored to each individual. 

There are many challenges of living with Dementia, for both residents and their loved ones, so we ensure that everyone has the right level of support.

We encourage our residents to follow a routine they are comfortable with so they can continue to maintain their independence. 

Palliative Care

At Applegarth, we provide support for those that require end-of-life care by providing a comfortable environment with medical and support staff available whenever needed. 

We make sure each resident is treated with dignity and is well cared for during this time. Our residents will be provided the care, support and companionship they require in the their final days while ensuring friends and family are able to spend time with their loved ones.  

General Nursing Care

We have a team of skilled and fully qualified nurses that are available 24 hours a day to provide general nursing care for our residents. 

We care for people with a wide range of health and specialist nursing needs so that each resident can maintain their health, wellbeing, independence and dignity.