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Don’t step on a bee day

10th July 

Don’t Step on A Bee Day is an important reminder that the fate of not only us honeybees but more, so the bumble bee lies in the balance – with bee numbers in some countries having halved in the last decade.

We have seeked advice from our local garden centers and keen gardeners within our residents and staff as to which plants attract bees. Once this was established, we planted some of the bee’s favorite plants in our raised beds in our garden which included Strawberries, lavender, marigolds & fox gloves to try and attract them and continue the life cycle.



Come and watch Wimbledon on the big screen

27 June – 10 July

Wimbledon traditions include strict all-white dress code for all competitors and royal patronage.

In 1884 a women’s championship was introduced at Wimbledon, and the nnational mens doubles were transferred there from oxford.

The last time a wooden tennis racket was used at Wimbledon was in 1987.

Wimbledon is the only Major tennis still being played on grass.

The first televised airing of the championships, wimledon was by the BBC, june 21st 1937.

Hairdressing & other treatments 

For anyone that can or would like to visit a hairdresser in the community we have started using vanity hair which is located in Heysham park Carlisle, Vanity Hair have over 26 years experience in the hair and beauty industry and they cover a wide range of treatments from hair to nail care.

Life & leisure have also arranged a hairdresser that comes into the home for those of you that don’t want to go out or can’t go out she is called Allison and has plenty of experience.

Please see either Stuart or Tracey (life & leisure) for information and to book an appointment.