Neurological Care

Neurological Care

We offer care and support to residents with neurological conditions by focusing on support, treatment and rehabilitation. 

We offer support for adults with complex physical disabilities or health needs resulting from a range of neurological conditions. This is when the brain or nervous system is negatively impacted and may require specialist neurological services.  

We provide care for any person who is living with a neurological condition over the age of 18 and provide neurological treatment and rehabilitation.  

Conditions we provide support for include those caused by:

  • Degenerative Neurological Conditions 
  • Acquired Brain Injury  
  • Stroke  

Neurological symptoms can develop over time, present themselves instantly after a brain injury or from birth. Our staff team are well trained to support residents with a wide range of neurological conditions with high level care needs. 

Many residents will require a long-term care plan to ensure they continue to have the highest quality of life and are well supported in terms of their physical and mental health.