Person-Centred Care​

Person-Centred Care​

Applegarth provides care and support that is tailored to the individual needs and requirements of our residents. 

At Applegarth, we place residents at the centre of discussions regarding the care and support they receive.  Person-centred care is an important part of our philosophy because it allows our residents to maintain choice, dignity and independence. It also means that each resident is receiving the best care possible which is specifically tailored to them. 

There is no one-size-fits-all approach to care at Applegarth and we get to know each resident on an individual basis, learning everything from their needs and goals to their interests and favourite foods, so they can feel comfortable with the care and support they receive. 

We work with the individual, focusing on strengths, preferences and needs to develop the ideal care plan. We also work with their family, friends and those they trust to ensure their preferences and choices are respected. Together, we develop an initial care plan which belongs to the resident and will be shared with all care staff to ensure they receive consistent support throughout their stay. 

We work in collaboration with other professionals to ensure each resident receives the best personalised care which helps maintain independence, health and wellbeing. 

Our nursing and care team will work with residents to ensure care plans are regularly updated to ensure they are happy comfortable with the support they receive.