Winter Begins, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and Christmas Timetable



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   Winter Begins

 Wednesday the 21st December 2022

The winter solstice represents the beginning of the astronomical winter and is the shortest day – the day with the least daylight.


Christmas Timetable

Christmas Eve 

24th December 2022

Christmas 2022 is just around the corner and Tracey and I are happy to tell you Christmas is planned for those of you that wanted to attend things over the Christmas period.

Please see Applegarth’s Christmas programme:

Christmas lunches out:

Friday 25th November- lunch out at Lowther castle in a magical pod

Wednesday 30th November- School children singing carols in the home

Wednesday 7th December- at the Crown and Thistle Rockcliffe

Wednesday 14th December- at the Crown and Thistle Rockcliffe

Wednesday 21st December- At The Museum Inn

Thursday 22nd December- Aladdin pantomime at The Sands Centre

Friday 23rd December- Christmas Party in the home

Life and Leisure have tried our best to get everyone that wants to participate involved.

In Spain, Christmas Eve is called Nochebuena. as part of the celebration, many families have a huge meal together that typically centers around turkey, lamb or seafood.

Christmas day 

Sunday 25th December 2022

The Christian festival commemorating the birth of Jesus Christ, which is celebrated around the world in a more secular way to bring some festive cheer to the cold winter months and dark nights.