How to personalise your care home room

Moving into a new care home is a change that can feel like a daunting experience. This transitional stage in life can be an emotional time, with new surroundings, neighbours and staff to become accustomed to.

We believe that your personal room can be a haven for you to place your own stamp on, changing a blank slate into your own sanctuary of security. Your room can become a home away from home, the perfect place for you to relax and unwind, and invite family and friends to visit you in. Here are some of our tips for the transition below:

  1. The beauty of scent

If you have a particular smell you love, incorporate it into your room through candles, diffusers, pot pourri or room sprays. This individual scent can also identify your room as your own, separating it from the communal areas of the care home, and creating a sense of home. Smell can also be extremely emotional, triggering memories and arousing feelings of happiness. If you’re unsure of your scent, we recommend lavender for relaxation, deep florals like neroli for a feeling of warmth, or something like cedar for a woody and masculine smell.

  1. Your personal belongings.

Surround yourself with familiar items from the beginning in order to help your room feel like home from home. Photographs, ornaments, soft furnishings like cushions, and small furniture can help to build your new place of comfort.


Artwork can also be a great way to stay connected to your home, perhaps bringing in a pop of colour, and items of clothing including fluffy slippers can add a touch of comfort. Finally fresh flowers help to incorporate nature into your space, bringing life and vibrancy.


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