Have you been added to the shielding list?

Following the release of new guidance from the Government on 16th February, a further 1.7million people have been added to the list of people who are at a higher risk from Covid-19 and are being advised to shield.

Until now, the NHS has identified people most at risk on the basis of a single underlying disease such as specific cancers or diabetes. Following research first published in the British Medical Journal, into the characteristics of people who died in the first wave, a new model has been developed that takes into account extra factors.

The model, which has been independently validated by the Office for National Statistics, considers multiple risk factors including age, ethnicity, body mass index, and specific health conditions and treatments.

An extra 820 000 adults aged 19 to 69 will now be prioritised urgently by their local GPs for vaccination. The remainder are over 70 and will have already been invited for vaccination.

Are you in a high-risk category?

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If you think you may be in the high-risk group you can contact your GP for advice.