COVID-19 Notice

An update about COVID-19

Following the recent government announcement on how the third national lockdown restrictions will begin to lift, we thought it would be an ideal time to update you on the measures and guidance regarding COVID-19 at Applegarth Healthcare. 

We will update this page with any new developments, so please check regularly for our up to date response to COVID-19.

First of all, the safety and wellbeing of everyone at Applegarth continues to be our priority during these difficult times. We ensure that there are procedures in place to minimise the risks of COVID-19. We will continue to follow the guidance and advice issued by the Government, Public Health England and other relevant authorities. As this guidance changes, we will update and adapt our policies in line with these regulations. 

Throughout the pandemic, our staff have been highly trained and well supported. We follow the Government guidelines regarding PPE, infection control and hygiene protocols. Staff and residents continue to be regularly tested to minimise the risk of infection. Additionally, we have an up to date COVID-19 risk assessment to help manage risk and protect everyone at Applegarth. 

We have decided to continue with new admissions where it is safe to do so. Applegarth welcomes new residents and have appropriate health and safety guidance in place. We take extra precautions to ensure the safety of new residents, existing residents and our staff team.  

COVID-19 Vaccine

There is great progress being made regarding the COVID-19 vaccine rollout across the country and it remains the best way to protect people from COVID-19. We have worked to the national standards and guidance regarding vaccinations to ensure we can get people vaccinated as early as possible. 

We are pleased to announce that many of our residents and colleagues have now begun the vaccination process and we will continue until everyone is offered one. All of our residents and staff are encouraged to get the COVID-19 vaccine when it is available to them unless there is a medical reason to not do so. 

Visitor Guidance

We are aware it has been a difficult year and that visits are incredibly important for the wellbeing of our residents and their loved ones. Therefore, we are delighted with the easing of restrictions that have been announced by the Government. From Monday 17th May, Applegarth residents can have visits from up to five named visitors, with a maximum of two named visitors at one time.  Additionally, residents will be able go to places such as medical appointments without having to self isolate. The Department of Health and Social Care have detailed guidance to implement visits in a safe manner. However, here are some of the key points: 

  • The named visitors will be the only visitors allowed while this current guidance is in place. 
  • Visits will happen alongside COVID-19 safety precautions such as appropriate PPE and lateral flow tests. 
  • Visits out of the care home will be planned in consultation with the family and the care home managers. 
  • The vaccination is not mandatory to be a nominated visitor. 
  • Activities that take place out of the home that will not require self-isolation include outdoor visits to parks and beaches, medical appointments, attending educational settings and going to work. 

We encourage you to get in touch with the Manager directly for any queries regarding visits. 

Our visiting guidance remains cautious and will be evaluated on an individual basis in order to protect the safety of our residents and staff. Therefore, visits can only take place if it is considered safe. Similarly, if there is an outbreak then visits will be temporarily suspended.  

Updated Guidance